The dynamic presentation about Vaping and Tobacco awareness called "Clear the Fog" for high school.

While many adult users opt for e-cigarettes to ease themselves out of their smoking habit, some researchers have raised concerns that teenagers may be using them as a gateway into this very habit.

Vaping is popular among teenagers now for all the wrong reasons. Many teens are under the incorrect assumption that because an e-cigarette is not a traditional paper-rolled-around-tobacco, it's not a health risk.

The "Clear the Fog" assembly is motivational, interactive, and will clear the fog on misconceptions students have about vaping and smoking and the risks. Well known risks are discussed and then we discuss facts and dangers that are not as well known about vaping.

Topics covered include:

     Well known consequences and risks of smoking

     Why disregard the warnings.

     Risks of smokeless tobacco and addiction

     Vaping risks, dangers, and the unknown

     What big tobacco and electronic cig companies don't want you to know.

     Marketing messages of tobacco and vaping companies vs. the Truth

     Looking to your future

     Misconceptions and your future.

This is NOT a LECTURE. This is a fun, interactive, entertaining, and educational assembly. Robb knows that if students fall asleep they do not hear the important message. With audience participation, magical illusions, and comedy he keeps their attention!

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