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How long are your presentations?

Typically each assembly is 50-55 mins but the assembly can be shortened or lengthened according to your needs.

Do you need a stage?

A stage or riser is prefferred. Because Robb used tons of props, students need to be able to see him and not just hear him. However, Robb can present in a gymnasium or cafeteria as well. Robb is very flexible.

What are your seating requirements?

Please sit audience directly in front of Robb in a theater style setting. No seating behind or to the side of Robb while he speaks. If Robb is speaking at a school, he prefers to have the assembly in an auditorium. If a gymnasium is the only option, sit students only on one side with the remainder on the gym floor or contact us to discuss other options.The audience should be seated as close to the stage as possible.

What are Robb's technology requirements?

What is the price of your presentations?

Robb offer and "no travel expense" FLAT FEE. However, Robb presents and speaks accross the entire United States and Canada. Because of this, the price will vary depending on the distance to your location.

Robb brings his own headset Mic that will plug in to most any system so he can have his

hands free.

• 1 Handheld Mic for audience volunteers

• Stage lighting if available

• Video Projector & Screen

• Sound for computer

• 2 Bottles of water

• 2 Cans of soda. (Must be cans and doesn’t matter the brand - Used in performance)

• Small table like the size of a card table or 6ft folding table.

• Large cafeteria style trash can.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! When more than one school books their program for the same time frame each school gets a discount.

Frequently Asked Questions about our vaping presentation.